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Ashwani Kapoor Ki Kalam Se

Simplifying and preserving the language

For Ashwani, nothing holds more importance than simplifying Hindi literature, so that more and more people understand the language and preserve its legacy. He recounts an incident from his past, “I remember reading the Bhagavad Gita and thinking to myself that if I can’t understand this, I am sure a lot of readers might find it difficult to. That’s when I decided to make notes, and within a year, I got my version published. I feel if a reader can’t understand what you are trying to say, your work gets completely lost.” Around the same time, he was working on another novel Nayi Subah that portrays the struggles of a woman who is so enmeshed by the hurdles posed by society.

His biggest motivation in life today is to preserve the richness of Hindi literature through his work. One of the projects he has initiated is - a website that houses his poetry and fictional stories. Ashwani believes that although there are a lot of Hindi writers, most people today, especially the younger crop, find it so difficult to read. This is what steered his thought, and he decided to record his work, on the insistence of his friend.

Another of his projects,, aims to promote the significance of Hindi literature, amongst school children.

Through his work, he wants to spread his love for the language far and wide. It might be a long journey, but his undying passion and perseverance towards the preservation of Hindi has slowly and steadily begun to bear fruit!

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Bikhre Shun

Ashwani Kapoor was only 20 years old, when this novel was published! It can be best described as a young writer’s attempt to portray the routine of an elderly couple.

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Nai Subah

One of his finest novels, it portrays the struggles of a woman who is so enmeshed by the hurdles posed by society.

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Kavita Mein Gita

A version of the Bhagwad Gita, a book that is not just defined by the holy scriptures, but also teaches us the true values of life imparted by the revered saint, Ved Vyas.